NEW LAUNCH Begins Thursday June 29th,
at 9 am CST (10 Eastern)

Discover How To Turn Time Into Profit:
Brand New Easy To Use Software Helps You Create & Customize Profitable Calendars That You Can Sell


The Calendar Creator Software

This software is web-based, and allows people to create calendars in just a few minutes! There is NOTHING like this on the market!


Front End: The Calendar Creator Standard Edition
Launch Price: $27 - Commissions: 50%
This is a ONE TIME cost, not a subscription.

Upsell: Upgrade to Pro Edition
Launch price: $47 - Commissions: 50%
This is a ONE TIME cost, not a subscription at this time.

Order bump on FE: Calendar Webinar Replay
Bump price: $10 One Time - Commissions - 25%.

This is an evergreen offer, the pricing is planned to increase after launch, and eventually Pro may go monthly.

Be assured, we absolutely support our products, and are NOT a 'here today/gone tomorrow" kind of business.

I (Amber) have been working online full time for going on 25 years. The previous editions of the journal creator are still live for existing customers, and that means V1 has been there for 5 years. Rob has also been working online for several years, and has his own memberships which have been active for several years. 

Note, because these are one time products and they do create PLR and publishing products, all purchases are non-refundable, and that is stated on the sales pages. It's not because we don't believe in our products - it's because we do, but we're also against people buying, using it, publishing and then refunding. That's simple abuse. (You can't buy a license of Microsoft Office, create letters, then return it for a refund.) I normally don't state this on JV Pages, however with a recent launch, some affiliates promised buyers a full refund, which was against our terms and what our sales pages say - so please DO NOT state money back guarantee in your promotions. (We only refund if a person purchased twice accidentally).

YES there is a contest!

The contest is based on total revenue:

  • First place: $100
  • Second place: $50
  • Third place: $25

There may be fast daily rewards as well!

The rules are simple: No teams allowed, and you must earn at least more than the cost of the prize in order to receive it, or you will receive the next closest prize.

Prizes will be awarded within 3 business days of the end of it.

We hope you'll join us!!  If you have any questions, please reach out to us on Facebook Messenger or by email.

Amber Jalink, 
DIME Consultants Inc.

Rob Borsuk,
Creator of Puzzle Publishers